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common sense… it’s something that is supposed to be common right? i mean, that’s why it’s called common sense and not uncommon sense. that’s what i thought but lately i’ve been thinking that more people (and animals) were running wild while God was giving out things like common sense, thinking, and other “gifts” along those lines…


soooo tru!!!

soooo tru!!!



now for all of you who have common sense who have to put up with people that lack in common sense probably deal with frusterations daily, as i’ve found out that more then half the population is lacking in sense that is supposed to be common.

so this is my theory… there are essentially three categories pertaining to common sense… these three are those who have and use it, those who have it and don’t use it, and those who just don’t have it…

…those who just don’t have it…

these are the people who REALLY frusterate and piss off the people who have it and use and just confuse the people who have it and don’t use it… as frusterating as it is that they just don’t have any sense, you can’t really be too mad at them… common sense, after all, is something that we’re supposedly born with so we can’t be mad at them BUT we can be mad at their damn parents…

…those who have it and don’t use it…

these people are often mistaken for the people that just don’t have it but they use their sense sometimes, though inconsistently. these are the people that drive the people who have it and use ABSOLUTELY crazy!!! it’s a constant enigma to the people who have it and use it why these people just don’t use it all the time! and frusteration here is warranted because these people could easily use the sense they know they have but they just don’t… know whether it’s intentional or unintentional that they don’t use their sense is still being debated… nonetheless, their parents should have put a foot in their asses when they weren’t using their sense so that as adults the rest of the world didn’t have to deal with it.

…the people who have it and use it…

i think that these are the most confused and frusterated of the three… they have the sense and are actively using it and enjoying using it. what they do makes sense and is purposeful… they can be planners or whimsical… either way, they make SENSE… they don’t understand how people are born without sense and how people just decide not to use sense… either way, they must learn to come to peace with the other two groups or they will end up frusterated for eternity…

eh, these are just my theories but what do you guys think?



“i have common sense” ladebelle



  1. Cute! LOL..I’m not sure what category I fall in… my mother used to tell me when I was younger that I had all the book knowledge in the world and no common sense…she hasn’t said it in years…so either I got some common sense or she gave up hope

  2. I have a similar theroy: 75 – 80% of the global population is crazy & or stupid. Some less than others, but most people “ain’t all there”. Out of these people, like 90% don’t know this – they deeply & sincerely belive they’re the cream of the intellectual crop. Kepping this in mind keeps me a lot less frsutrated!

  3. And my favorite is the “Book smart, with no common sense”. Where they think because they have this or that degree, by design they *must* be smarter than everyone else.However; those smarts only apply to what lies on a piece of paper and not what go’s on in everyday life (where common sense come in handy….the most).

  4. Commom sense ain’t common. It’s unfortunate, kinda of like watching a silly dog chase it’s tail or a real life slap stick movie. I have common sense..the others confuse and scare me.

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