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Remember this?

*dances around*

I used to wake up on Saturdays to the sounds of Al Green or Luther or Tina Turner and the smell of Pine Sol. Those memories about have me in tears. My mom would blast that good music while cleaning the house. I’d get up and meet her in the kitchen, dance around with her and then eat me some good cereal before my cartoons started up.

Now, this is what is supposed to wake me up.

I’m not going to use this time to talk about my love/hate relationship with S Beezy and all ATL music. I’m just using that song as an example of how things have changed and how sad it makes me.

The state of maintstream music (i’ll just say Black Music.. because Coldplay, Oasis, most European groups, etc, still have my heart) today makes me really sad and makes me feel old. I’m too young to have abandoned the radio and the clubs. I’m too young to be out of the loop with the newest sounds, dances, and music related trends. I work at a bar on the weekends, so I’m often exposed to it unwillingly and it’s always a shock to my senses. Hip Hop today is all about the beats. Lyrically it sounds worse than a small 3 y/o trying to string together sentences to let their parents know they just pooped a big one. It’s a mess to say the least. Hip Hop has always been about the sound, but it was just one element. The DJ handled his/her part, the MC did his/her thing, the Grafitti artist was tagging in the background, and the dancer was body rockin. Today, Casio and Autotunes rules the record and the “MC” is saaaaaaaaaannnngggin like thissssssss “yeeaaaaaa gettin monnnnnnanaaaayyy ooooooohhhhhhhh” WTHeck!? Not to mention the dances these days. Stankey Leg? Swag Surfin? Superman/Batman/Spiderman/Juwannaman/I’m not really a man- A Hoe? Crank Dat Anything-you-can-think-of-in-30-seconds?

What’s really going on? I almost can’t take it, and it’s turning this 24 y/o into a serious homebody! But before I get beside myself and forget where I’m from. I give you a lil bit of my homestate flavor and when I’m home in FL you will see me hit it.

The Wu-Tang (the song is I just wanna f*** FL twist on B-more style)

Bing Ahhh (my fave)

But some of my fave artists I listen to that are mostly underground are: Slum Village, anything touched by J Dilla (RIP), Tribe, Older Kanye, Drake, Erykah Badu, Dwele, Eric Roberson, Viktor Duplaix, Amel Larrieux, Koop, The Cinematic Orchestra, Joe Budden, Common, 88-Keys, The Roots, Pharrell!, N.E.R.D., The Lady Jill Scott, Foreign Exchange, Old Little Brother, Daedelus, and the list goes on and on!

What y’all listenin to?



  1. Wow, a blog that touches my heart! I’m a huge music fan for a million and one reasons. Currently in my player(s) I’m rocking:
    Kuku, Milosh, Anam Owili-Eger, Kuniyuki Takahshi, Jazzanova, Little Dragon, Willie Hutch (The best of), A Race of Angels, Sandy Cossett, Plantlife, Hynotic Brass Ensemble, Antony and The Johnsons, Hercules and Love Affair, Alice Russell, 4 Hero, Georgia Anne Muldrow, and Barbatuques.
    It’s true that the state of hip hop, and to some extent R&B of as late, have suffered from a complete lobotomy over the past several years. I think the more we support artists who speak to what we want to hear, we’ll see the markets trend back into really good, well-written music.
    I can’t do another summer of Supermanning. Oh no.

    • hmm… i might need to come over and get at ur itunes!!!

  2. I agree that the current state of music is sad to say the least. In Cleveland, there are parties every weekend for 20somethings where they STRICTLY play old-middle school hip-hop. If not for these parties, I wouldn’t club either.

    Right now, on the hip-hop front I’m really feeling Wale, Drake, T.I., Kidz in the Hall, The Cool Kids and Lupe Fiasco. I’m an eternal Jay and Andre 3000 fan (they can do no wrong in my eyes)and I’ve also starting to like more Ludacris in the last few years that he’s matured a bit. Joe Budden and Little Brother are cool too. Liked Kanye before he started singing.

    My guilty pleasure of late, I must admit has been Young Jeezy. Don’t know why, but he’s growing on me. Then again, I did grow up listening to Master P, so a part of me still likes that gangsta music. LOL

  3. How could I have forgettn 3 STACKS!? Yes. I go hard on him and Outkast. And T.I. is worth a listen to as well. I do like The Cool Kids, Kid Cudi, and some Lupe. But these cats don’t get radio play and because of that, I still make my own mixes to this day.

    And I can’t believe I left out Mos Def, Talib, and Dead Prex! Lauryn Hill, John Legend. By now you get the drift.

  4. @Shawn, yes! Again, I forgot Jazzanova, Platinum Pied Pipers, Fertile Ground, Santagold! M.I.A, my list is so long.

  5. Can you hit up and check out a The Great Recession, Breezin, and a couple freestyles I have? ‘Yolandas House, The World Is Yours, Ultimate Emcee’. I’m not trying to spam so forgive me if it seems that way, but I am trying to see what folks are looking for.

    • in order for us to not mark this as spam, you have to spread the word about our blog to 10 ppl… lol… jk

      all… i would like to introduce you to my homie jeff who is an artist with some label but he makes good music so check him out… perhaps if i can ever pin him down long enuff, we’ll do an interview wiht him!

  6. Hello Jeff….

    1) Is that a bottle of Yellowtail on the table?
    2) I did like the beat… Honestly. And I was all kinds of prepared to not like it, come back and tell you about yourself. LOL
    3) You totally spammed. Totally.
    4) Keep up the *good* music.

  7. oh JG*… everyday you write you remind of y it is you were adopted into the wild children… i’m lmao at work at this right now…

    and i’m listening to the same shit you are… i refuse to swag surf or crank my anything and the only time i’m doing the stanky leg is when i slip on water… shiiiiiiiit

  8. oh, and i forgot… THROW YA L’S UP AND LAUDERDALE BOP!!! lol…

    however, i’m an ex-harlem

  9. I would have to agree with you on the state of most types of music. The stuff that litters the radio waves right now really gets me going. I don’t even remember the last time I listened to the radio. I control what I listen to at all times, be it CD, iPod, WinAmp… I hate being a slave to someone else’s horrible taste.

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