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so as i was working out on tuesday, i was watching the news and they had something on there about “sexting”. this was the first that i had heard of this new phenomena. i did some research while i was chatting the topic of sexting up with ainzneal from twitter and found that i wasn’t the only one who didn’t know about this thing. 

what is sexting?

basically, sexting is sending nude pictures via text message. 




why is sexting such a hot topic right now?

well because these children all now have cell phones are taking naked pictures of themselves and sending them around. **smh** not only is this a problem for any child that actually wants to grow up and make something of themselves, but you can be charged with child pornography if you are caught with these things on your phone from a minor. bananas right?

ladebelle’s commentary on this foolywang

i don’t understand this shit. i’m not hating on people who take naked pix of themselves and email/text them around but i just don’t understand the foresight in doing this. maybe it’s because i was raised by someone who works in the news and created this strong sense of paranoia or maybe it’s because all these sex tapes and naked cell phone pix of the chick from high school musical surfacing but i just can’t rock like that! 

what happens if these kids decide they wanna run for office and then these pictures surface? or what happens if your a 10 time olympic gold metalist and pictures of your unmentionables surface? imagine that embarrassment!!! hell, michael phelps had a picture of him hitting a bong and his endorsements got pulled. that’s MONAAAAAY!!!! 

but this young lady in this video… i mean, what’s there to say… 

**stepping off my soapbox** so dear readers of mine, do you participate in sexting? don’t lie, we’re like crunch fitness “no judgments”. if you do sext, why do you do it? do you fear any repurcussions? if you aren’t a sexter, why don’t you? TALK TO ME!


this is my time


“i have an iphone that doesn’t allow picture messaging for a reason” ladebelle


  1. You are sooooo wrong for that video, but its not just the fact everyone has a phone no one does weigh out consequences anymore. Also our society is so sexually driven, that some people think this is a way to build a strong relationship. This is something thats only going to continue to grow, since kids are getting cell phones at a younger age. Boredom also plays into this phenomenon. I just say have her do it for you face to face….no need for pictures…nothing beats mental pictures

  2. I can honestly say I did it with this one guy I had know for years and we had started talking… yea just talking. Never showed my face or any birth marks on the pics. He turned out to be an asshole and then I was soooo f’ing scared out of my mind about what he would do with the pics. We have some of the same friends on FB. I shared my concern with him, which could have puts thoughts of sharing in his mind. But I found out that even though we didn’t work out he still had madd respect for me and wouldn’t do such a thing.

    Other than that, sexting could also be sex-text messaging which is what Kwame got caught with. I’ve really only done that with my current and one prior. It’s fun on those late nights when you can’t be together and you’re horny as hell… and to break sexual tension when you’re at that level of dating.

    Now about the youngins….. That’s a damn shame. And I hope the ingant ones doing it get what they deserve.

  3. “Sexting.” LOL.

    I have “sexted” before. I was in a long distance relationship and when you’re that far away from your sweetie, you’ve got to resort to whatever measures necessary to keep it fresh. At this point in my life, I’m sooo over the whole thing. If I’m sleeping alone I’m in a headscarf, t-shirt and jogging pants. I have ZERO desire to get out my bed and get cute just to send someone a picture. Add to that the possible repercussions and it’s just not worth the waste of time and energy.

  4. i can see it being an issue for kids because of maybe too early exposure to explicit material. however, we are talking about the human body. maybe “society” should, after 200,000 years, get over seeing the naked human body and stop demonizing people that like it naked. i think it bullshit, the notion that because i take photos of myself naked my future is ruined. fine i never wanted to go into politics anyway; porn is where the money is at anyway. we should get our heads out our asses and admire our asses.

  5. @ I do enjoy naughty TEXT messages occasionally minus the T&A pics. Especially in a relationship it can help keep a little spice going on. BTW have you seen Raheem DeVaughn’s video Text Messages; hot shyt.

    @ Jimi I do agree that we are way to prude about something as simple as pics of a muff. However, the war will rage on about immoral and moral in America for years to come. LMAO @ “get our heads out our asses and admire our asses.”

  6. I’m still lmaooo in disgust at the video… A more constructive comment is coming soon lol…

  7. this video is funny..

  8. I’ve never sent a “sextext” but my girlfriend of over 5 years has taken it upon herself to text me a teasing picture or two. I don’t think there is anything wrong with it between two adults, but children using it for this means is a bit over the top. If your under 17, maybe your parents should take away photomessages. I feel too much is blamed on society and not enough on bad parenting.

  9. @kyle: am i wrong or very right? hmm…lol… and just cuz society is sexually driven doesn’t mean that that’s what’s going to get you ahead in life *pause*. we don’t see naked pix of first lady michelle, madame clinton, or president obama and i’m sure they all got bored too…

    @reign: i am soooo thankful that he was not the epitome of asshole and didn’t share those pictures! omg, that would have been horrible!

    @robin: wait, ppl change into something cute for “sexting”?!??! that is ridiculous…

    @jimi: uhhhh… great point? lol…jk… this is true and i think that as adults we can make those types of decisions. but children? hell, they barely know what they want for dinner tomorrow let alone what they ultimately want to do with themselves.

    @joepistone: i rocks with an occasional naughty text… and i might just need to youtube that tonite…

    @dj ed nice & ainz neal: get ur selves together and post a real response…lol

    @roninjinn: dang, it’s been 5 years already? yeah, you liked it when she sent those pix…lol… i totally agree with this parenting aspect…

  10. first of all… mama always told me, “dont offer up your ass” – i’m assuming this also means via text. therefore, i’m good off ALL sexting… who knows who might be going thru their phone and ooops…. there’s your fat ass… i decline. no stank you. i’ll leave it to the babies. 🙂

  11. Random story:

    A friend of mine was helping a coworker (let’s call her Jane) with her blackberry. When my friend went to work with Jane’s phone, she was met with a intimate picture of Jane’s anatomy, at which point my friend screamed and threw the phone on the floor. Needless to say, Jane turned beet red. So I’m guessing she engaged in some of this sexting too. None of that for me. I don’t trust people.

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