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his drums beat harder, faster

he does tricks while flashing a smile

showing that of these drums, he’s the master

my heart beating harder, faster all the while…


i think of myself as a passionate person… i’m goal oriented and driven and a go-getter and all those others words people use to describe the passionate person. but occasionally the passion starts to fizzle and you need to feed on someone else’s passion or you may need someone’s drive in life to replenish your own. 

have you ever met someone who’s passion for what they did blew your mind? i have. i’ve met quite a few in fact. i’ve mentioned her quite a few times in this blog but one of my newfound besties has a hidden drive that most people don’t see but her’s definitely feeds me. i love artists and their passion. it takes a whole lot to be an artist. there are so many risks involved. when people do this without the fears that dominate me, i’m truly amazed and motivated to do even more. 

this blog is literally a rant about a whole lotta something and a whole lotta nothing. but dear readers, what motivates you? what re-ignites your passion? what’s your “fire starter”?



“the fiery one” ladebelle


  1. the opportunity of being great is what drives me.

  2. 2 Shots of Vodka and a Wine Black and Mild always does the trick for me LOL!

    The desire to achieve maximum greatness and the subsequent fears of failure are what I use to motivate me and reignite my passion in those low valley times….. Sometimes I have to take a step back and remind myself everyday that I’m a father and my son is watching my every move. When I get tired I just look at his smile and my successes as a single father. Then I look at the little knuckle head boys that are growing up in my neighborhood and that certainly strikes a ragging four alarm blaze in my soul.

    “People are afraid of greatness!”

  3. Passion inspires me to do better to be better to be more. I appluad people who filter their passion into their lifes work and allow all the world to see.

  4. Well i Understand how that goes! well now that im on the scene be prepared to be driven up the wall!!!!

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