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Ever get so drunk that you go beyond belligerent and circle back into complete functionality? Meaning, one minute you’re stumbling, words slurred, and giggling, the next minute you’re waxing poetic about pies and cooking a full 4-course meal. 

That’s how I feel right now. 

It’s 9:30 A.M. and I’m late writing this post because I am still….drunk. 

I broke all sorts of rules last night. I drank on a weekday, I didn’t drink water along the way, and I consumed my beverages within about 45 minutes. 

I wore snakeskin shoes to hang out with someone who has a snake. How rude of me. I also punked one of the co-workers of the friend I was hanging out with because he was baby sitting his drink. Again, how rude of me. LOL 

All this, I am paying for at this moment. I’m at work, but under my cute red peacoat I’m sporting sweats. I’m sure my boss didn’t see me. Now if I can only hide out until 5:30. 

This day is sure to get even more interesting. If you follow me on Twitter, stay tuned. If you don’t, start. LOL 

To my Ranters, give me your best drunk story. 

Also. Don’t forget to hit up JG* Runs the City. It’s a great cause. 

J “sorry this post is so short, I’m drunk!” G*

P.S. I’m doing so well with the things I said I’d change in 2009. This was a baby relapse. LOL Better luck today!



  1. tsk tsk tsk JG*

    u know, i feel like most of my stories start out with “i was soooooo drunk…” i mean, i really needed to do better. but i think that the time that had the most long lasting effects was when i jumped into a split because the alcohol told me to do it… i then took 4 aleve while polishing off a bottle of wine (to the head) and felt nothing for the rest of the night. however, when i woke up and discovered that i COULDN’T WALK, things were horrible… i ended up popping my hamstring. imagine my embarrassment at having to tell my doctor what happened as the alcohol still poured thru my pores…


    yeah, so one of my new year’s resolutions was to not get shit faced anymore and respect my limit…

  2. ok so as you all know.. I’m not a big drinker. I have a 2 drink limit which was exceeded this weekend. I hadn’t eaten all day and of course I arrive at this pre inaug ball/ late as US folks normally are. so I missed the food. I had one georgia peach. I was cool. 2 it was a little warm I did the cha cha slide to shake it off. I started chatting with my twitter peeps, a gentleman buys me a 3rd. and a lemon drop shot which I had never had either. needless to say with 4 drinks in my system and no food I was wired for sound. all I could do was sit there and be quiet I thought I was going to say something dumb. I had no one to call to help me climb the walls so I went on home and gave my batteries a call.


    hope u feel better geezy!!

  3. Okay hang on for a minute all of these drunken tomfoolery stories are easily PG in comparison to mine. Like to hear it; here it go…….

    It was the summer of 1994 I was about to turn 21. My neighbor needed a ride to the liquor store. We took a trip to the store and picked up a 4 pack of 16 Ounce Blue bulls and a forty of St. Ides. I drank my can of blue bull and then we proceeded to sip the forty of St. Ides with my two other friends. A few hours later I stumbled in the house; tossed my cookies in my conservative extremely Christian parent’s bathroom (mind you they’ve never even tasted alcohol outside of Nyquil). I stripped naked and determined that I would wake up in the AM to clean up before my family woke up to find my mess. Wellllllllllll time passed and the next afternoon I woke up to my sister screaming about the stinky mess all over the bathroom. I jumped out the bed standing there nekit in front of my entire family hanging over. Needless to say I never sleep naked now LOL…

    Malt Liquor is a beast…..

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