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Daily Archives: January 21st, 2009

my phone rings, his picture pops up
-whatz good miss lady?-
-shit, just chillin-
-what r u doin tonite-
-nothin i don’t think, what about u?-
-i’m on my way to the espn zone-
-o..ok… cool-
-i’m gonna give a call when i get in, ok?-
-yeah, cool-
i’m driving home later that night and i see his car as he’s drivin home..i beat him home. i’m getting out of the car as he pulls in. he gets out the car and is walking a lil faster then me so he waits. his speech is slurred and his eyes are bloodshot
-you just getting in?-
-yeah, y r ur eyes so red?-
-my contacts r dry. what r u about to do?-
-walk the dog and take a shower. u comin wit us for a walk?-
-nah, u comin up later?-
-ok, well call me after u walk the dog-
we go for a walk and i take my shower.
he picks up on the first ring.
-u still up?-
-yeah. u comin up right?-
-yeah, i’ll be up in a sec-
knock knock
he opens the door and walks to his room. he’s fucked up and i know it. i’m tired and he knows it. i lock the door, put my keys down, and go to his room. i get into bed and darkness takes over us both.
it’s light. he sits up and says his morning prayers. i say mine. i find myself praying whenever he does and i like that.
-what are you doing today?- he’s brushing his teeth
-nothing, getting myself together. what about u?-
-bout to get my hair cut and i have a function at 2. u gonna be home?-
-yeah, probably-
i’m loitering at the door now as he finishes brushing his teeth. i’m unsure if i should just go or wait for him.
-ok, well i’m gonna go now-
-hold up-
i stand waiting for him. he comes out in his shorts and socks. sexy. he pulls me to him and hugs me.
-thanks for coming by-
the door closes.