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i answer my phone as his picture pops up
-whatz up?-
-nuthin, just on my way home. what r u doing?-
-shit, just chillin. about to get ready and go out to a gay bar. wanna come?-
-nah, i’m GOOD. man, i need a beer.-
-well stop by when u get in, i have some corona-
we get off the phone… i turn around googly-eyed, meeting my 2 friends laughing faces… they tease me and i blush… shit, i caught feelings… oh well, it felt good… we’d slept together 2 nights in a row and i couldn’t stop thinking about him.
i started to get dressed and put the 2 beers in the freezer so that they could be ice cold for him.
he knocks.
-hey miss lady. how are you?- i smile
-great. come on in-
he comes in and meets my friends. i pop open the first corona and give it to him as he sits on the couch. he looks like he’s had a rough day. the doctor said it was stress induced… he looked so innocent and vulnerable… i wanted to make him feel better… i do my make-up which looks good. i clean up pretty well when i want to.
we’re in the kitchen talking. i take out 2 shot glasses and pour out some cranberry vodka. shot 1. i pour more as we talk. shot 2. we talk some more and i pour another shot out. shot 3. he finishes his beer and my vodka is finished. i reach into the freezer and pull out some puerto rican rum. i pour another shot as we talk. shot 4. we continue talking and i’m staring at his neck which seems to be telling me to kiss it. i comply licking and kissing it. i pull back and pour another shot. shot 5. i walk out of the kitchen and he follows me. i grab him and kiss him hard, full of passion, and i pull back.
-wow, the liquor makes you want certain things huh?-
-no, i’ve wanted it for the past 2 nights. the liquor just makes me go after it.-
we walk out the door. he tells me i should call him when i get in. i already know i will.
shot 6 of cruzan rum at the homies house before we roll out. we get to the gay bar and do some line dancing and 2-stepping… it’s weird being around all these women and i stick out like a sore thumb. they have free condom and lube packages and i grab a bunch… just in case… u can NEVER be too safe. we leave and go back to the homie’s house.. shot 7. i stumble home.
-hey, u home?-
-you comin up?-
-yeah, i’ll be there in a few-
i take my clothes off and put my sweats on. easier access…
knock knock
-whatz good? you have fun?-
-sure, i was line dancing in 4 inch heels.. doesn’t get any better then that-
i’m stumbling and he’s laffin cuz he’s stumbling too. we get into his bed. i pass out. i’m awakened by kisses. now i’m wide awake.i get on top of him and kiss him back harder, more intense. i move down to his neck. he moans… i move down his chest, flicking and sucking at his nipples. i move lower…i struggle with his pants and he helps… i touch it and think, wow! he has a beautiful sex tool and i can’t stop myself from wanting to taste it. i put my mouth on him and he exhales with pleasure. i just taste it cuz i can’t give him everything the first time… gotta keep him coming back… he pushes me off of him and puts on a condom. i’m eager and can’t wait to feel him in me. somehow all of my clothes have managed to come off. i’m not sure when that happened. he’s on me now and we’re kissing like death is going to take us at any moment. we’re whispering,
-i want all of you. can you give me that?-
-yes, i want all of you too-
-what’s all of me?-
he enters and i’m full. full of joy, ectasy, passion, lust, love, everything. i don’t remember what happened next just that it was 7:00 in the morning. i was still drunk and stumbling. we spoke. he kissed me.
-call me later-
the door closes.


  1. yes!!!
    good loving body rockng knocking boots all night long!

    now what?

  2. Whoa! *He Enters*…… I LOVE IT! LOL

  3. This sh*t is entertaining!

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