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Holla back! 

Aint nothing better in life than the Black Church Experience. Gotta love the Holy Spirit.

It’s not a Sunday service, but you get the point, and this video is funny as hell. 

I was born and raised in the church. And being the good southern girl that I am, I know alllll about that good holy ghost filled, and fire baptized church service. My church attendance has been on and off since high school, but I’ve recommitted to my church home here in ATL and I have to say, it’s good to be back. I love it. Church don’t feel like church to me unless there’s an Alter Call, mean ushers, too-touchy old Deacons, a choir that spends 15 minutes marching in and then brings the entire house down with a soulful rendition of “We Fall Down”, and a Pastor who can sing, play the piano, and preach till he’s blue in the face.

Ok, these experiences vary church by church, but seriously. How can you not love the Black Church Experience. Yes, it goes on too long because the preacher got fired up and the band started doing that song that gets everyone up and doing the choppy foot dance. Y’all know what I’m talking about. Yes some churches take up 6 offerings (this is a red flag to me and my church does NOT do this). Yes some churches take 40 minutes to beg people to come to the Altar and join.

But you gotta love it. 

I have some issues with today’s organized religion, that I’ll cover later, but I’m happy to have found a home that talks about these issues and keeps it real 100%. I never have to worry about how my tithes are spent, or where my church stands on certain issues. I attend a pretty big church and I’m going to be honest. The male membership there is on point. If I’m going to meet a man, let it be in the House of the Lord! LOL Thank you Jesus! 

But seriously, this particular post isn’t to bash church, or talk about the crooked pastors, we’ll get to that. But c’mon! Share you fun, good-hearted stories. Y’all know you got that Aunt that goes to church every major holiday and finds the Lord, but returns to her old ways on Monday. Or that Grandma that is in Church 24/7 but hides her flask in the Bible. 

And the people said…






  1. I. love. that. video.

    He was way too emotional!

    Anyways, I love my church and no matter where I go I am always wondering what’s going on there. I have was baptized with this minister but not in this particular edifice. No matter, I still love it. I have to say the best memory of my church I have though, was when he preached “taking your stuff back from the devil” and this little boy he had to have been about 4 went up and said “I want my stuff back, how can I get it?” and was told to be baptized and so we went downstairs right then and baptized him…best. SUNDAY. ever.

  2. LOL! I love it. Yes.. I hope my husband is as happy to marry me! LOL

    My best church memory is when my old pastor got so excited that he got up on the pulpit podium, and couldn’t get down. He calmed down, and the big usher’s had to pull him down.

    Or when I was baptized. We used to do it old-timey style. Go out to the water, and the people singing on the shore. It was awesome, but then my pastor lost his flip flop in the water. After he dipped me…we had to search for it. LOL

  3. first giving honor to Gos passa and like to say I’m glad to be in the house of the Lord one mo

    Nah I’d have to say I love my church and all my church folk. they say those who aren’t saved are the worse ones. but if u ever been to an AME christian education conference then u know it goes down!! lol

  4. my parents were never big churchgoers so naturally i’m not but back in hs, i remember i would go to church with one of my friends.

    it never failed that every sunday someone would catch the holy ghost and be doing the jesus shuffle while playing the tamborine. and then how the pianist would join in with the chords. but i think my real memory is how all the baptist preachers in ny sounded like they were having asthma attacks while they preached. i could never be comfortable for fear that i was gonna have to perform CPR at any given moment…

    good times…

  5. LMAO!!! @ladebelle you know you are so wrong for that! Fear of having to perform CPR!!!

  6. In da beginding……..the WORRRRRRD was GOD. THE END

    Well @ my church we had a good fire and brimstone deacon who just loved to pray. I believe this man could pray for hours straight. Ironically, I dated his grand-daughter for a brief spell. I hated going to their house for dinner because he would bless the food for at least 37 minutes every time without fail (I digress). Anywho the good praying Deacon took the microphone one Sunday morning to pray before the pastor took the floor. As he spit and hollered asking GOD for everything from forgiveness to a chitterling dinner; he simmered down and asked the dear GOD above to give everyone a CLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAN (pause silence). He never finished that request because GOD immediately answered my prayer for the good deacon to STFU (GOD forgive me). When he said the word clean his dentures went flying out of his mouth, with some serious projectile and slid about 10 feet up the middle aisle in the church…..He went chasing them and exclaimed “the devil is busy AMEN.” He proceeded to wipe them on his pants leg; put them back in his face, and took his seat on the front pew. You could hear random giggles and hidden laughter all over the congregation. Needless to say that was one of the hardest sermons for the pastor to get through.

    I hurt my whole left side laughing at Deac. His grand-daughter dumped me because I wouldn’t stop making fun of him. I still tease her right now every time I talk to her.


  7. Love it.

    My church is good for getting folks fired up BEFORE the preacher gets to preach and people wont stop shouting…which means the preacher doesn’t get a chance to preach.

    This happened last Sunday. And our church band is so ridiculously good, the organist is one of the best singers I’ve ever heard…all he has to sing is “Lord make me over” and church is OVAH…people running in circles, crying. And no, its not’s a baptist church. lol

    I love my church but sadly our STRAIGHT male population isnt in abundance so I know I won’t be finding a hubby there. 😦

    My pastor is extremely down to earth, very transparent and not holier than thou…which i love. And our congregation is mostly young adult, so we have many ministries and events geared to us. I love it!

    The craziest thing: we used to have a member who obviously was touched in the head. She would shout out all kinds of crazy stuff during service and I heard that she had a crush on the pastor so whenever she saw him speaking to woman, she would hiss at them. Anyway, I used to be a praise dancer and one evening at Monday practice everyone kept talking about the crazy lady who took off running during sunday evening service (i’d missed it). Apparently, she had the holy ghost and took off running around the church. She came down the middle aisle after 3 laps, and took her wig off and threw it at the altar. Then she started doing some sort of holy ghost african dance…but she had no slip or panties on…so everybody was able to see her goodies. The praise dancers had me on the floor dying laughing at the story. That woman was pure dee nuts.

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