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***admin note: here’s another sample of some fiction… it’s got a couple parts to it so stay tuned for all the “chapters”***

-hey, did you want some company?-
-yeah, that’s cool…-
-ok, i’ll be up in a second.-
**spritz spritz** i splash on some victoria’s secret pear glace and give myself one last look in the mirror… casual, comfy,yet sexy…perfect
**knock knock**
-hey, what’s up?-
-nothin, come on in-
i walk in to his place for the first time. when we met, he came with me for a walk and then back to my place where we talked about home and the differences between there and here… since then, he’s been on my mind…
we sat and watched the spike lee documentary on hbo. we started out sitting on opposite ends of the couch… i’m not sure at what point this was, but we ended up in the middle with me leaning on him and his arm around me… comfortable…
the documentary ended and we both sat in shock, so overwhelmed with pain, grief, anger, and confusion… neither one of us could say anything but we just sat in silence watching the credits…
i move off of him and sit up straight getting ready to go…
-hey, do you wanna watch ‘she hate me’?-
-yeah, i’ve seen it but i liked it-
we sit and watch ‘she hate me’… i’d never seen it from the beginning and didn’t know what the basis for the whole story was… needless to say, it was quite interesting… we sat shoulder to shoulder throughout the movie. the movie ends…
-so can i get the grand tour?- he smiles
he walks me around his apartment, which is identical to mine… his bedroom is simple, with a bible next to his bed… his closet is neat, shoeboxes for every pair of tims… we talk about church and religion as we walk back to the livingroom… he sits down and we’re watching sportscenter… he lays back and i look at him…
-you look like you’d be comfortable.-
confused look – huh?-
-you look like you’d be comfortable to lay with, u kno, snuggle-
smile – thanks. i guess i am. your welcome to try it out if you’d like- smile
oh how i want to, but i don’t kno him like that just yet… we chat it up some some more as he sits up… conversation with him is wonderful! i could talk to him all day and sit with him all night… he lays back down… too tempting to resist… i lay on him…. comfortable…
-hey, do u want to take this into the bedroom cuz my leg is hurting hanging like this-
he turns off all the lights and i follow him to his room…. he turns on the tv and we watch good times… i’m laying on his chest, his arm around me and hand resting on the small of my back… comfortable…
darkness… tv turns off… back to darkness…
i turn over and he turns with me… now we’re spooning… more darkness…
he turns over, i cuddle into his back… more darkness…
whispering in my ear, -hey, the alarm is about to go off-
-what time is it?-
i groan and nuzzle closer in his neck…
-i don’t want to get up… i want to stay in my bed like this all day long…-
-me too… i don’t want to go to work…-
-i should just call in to work-
-you touching me is making it too hard for me to leave-
he nuzzles me head up and kisses me lightly, innocently, enjoying the moment… i kiss back, lightly, innocently, enjoying the moment too… he rolls over on top of me…
-does this count as touching?-
-yes, and in the worst way-
more light, innocent kissing… no pressure of sex, not lustful… innocent…
i move because if i don’t move now, then i’m not moving at all… i walk out to the front, he holds me as he walks behind me… this is my weakness… i grab my stuff… he grabs me and holds me for a second… more light kisses…
-have a good day-
-you too…-
the door slams shut…


  1. get him girl!!

    don’t u hate when u leave and there’s a tug on ur heart strings to stay?

  2. Bravo!!!

    I need to get my boo’d up on.

  3. @Jg-me2

  4. I thought there was going to be some sha-bonking going on here LOL. Nothing wrong with a little intimacy. Great writing!

  5. Ohh this is great!

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