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**I was in tears as I wrote this. There’s so much to say, and in the future, I hope to be co-writing on another blog as well covering these issues more in-depth.


Genocide, War crimes, Murder.


As we all know, the world is always in some state of drama. Recently there has been non-stop coverage of the middle-eastern situation raging between Israel and Palestine, more specifically the Hamas and the Israeli government. On my facebook page yesterday there was a bit of a conversation regarding my status that I donated to recognizing the horrid body count of innocent Palestinians and it was very good dialogue for the most part and I just wanted to open this blog up as a stage for a day to shed light on the situation. Let me also say, that I do not in any way wish to ignore the deaths of the Israeli people at all, the actions of the Hamas are equally horrendous. 

I for one am absolutely disheartened at the suffering and almost torture of the Palestinian people living in the Gaza Strip by the hands of the Israeli government. This fight has been waging for decades, and the Hamas has shown defiance at all costs, even when peace talks and resolutions have been brought to the table. With that, I understand Israel’s defensiveness. They must protect their people. However, I feel the atrocities being waged against the people living in Gaza are reprehensible. They have no food, as Israel has blocked imports into Gaza, they have no jobs, no education, nothing. These people are practically prisoners. Over the decades the Jewish people have also suffered extremely, and it is understandable that they feel threatened being a Jewish nation occupying the Holy Land, and they are surrounded by Muslims, so they *feel* this to be a threat. I don’t want to get into religions on this particular blog post, so I’ll leave that alone. 

Even in Israel there are people who recognize that his type of treatment that I feel is tantamount to war crimes must end. 

Obviously the concept of “Peace in the middle East” almost seems impossible to many, but we have to stop the bloodshed. The Hamas claims their acts are political and not religious despite their propaganda being very Anti-Semitic, and the Israeli government feels as though the world will not protect them, so they must take it into their own hands. I just feel like on one hand you have militants who are acting out of pocket, terrifying in it’s own right. However you have on the other hand, an entire government that is acting out of pocket, and no one is checking that. 

Interested in hearing your thoughts.

Before I close I also want to shed light on a situation that is very important to me and I am very passionate about.

I am working with Women for Women International, to put together an event here in Atlanta to raise money and awareness about the Genocide and torture happening in the Democratic Republic of The Congo. In the past we’ve recognized genocide in other countries and made an effort to step in and stop it, or we haven’t. The Holocaust, Cambodia, Bosnia, Darfur, just to name a few instances in which the word Genocide was used on the world stage. It can be argued however, that in those cases, more action was taken than in others. Right now, I feel like the Congo is being silently swept under the carpet. 

The magic number….. 5 million. Five Million people have died. Compare that to the 6 million who died in the Holocaust. The women in the Congo are being raped, ostracized from their communities, their families killed, and all kinds of inhumane atrocities that I will spare you from unless you ask. Yet, you hear nothing about it. 

I have my own theories as to why this is a silent issue in our world, but that will be another post. I just want to shine a little light on these issues, get some dialogue going, and see if anyone is interested in helping. Below I’ll post a few links for you all. 

J “trying to make a difference” G* 


Please watch “Scream Bloody Murder” by Christiane Amanpour.

Fate of Congo rape survivors. Not Women Anymore

News Stories about the Democratic Republic of The Congo from CNN

A resource with stories relating to Israel/Palestinian conflict.

Video of a hospital in Gaza. Please watch.



  1. genocide by any means are crimes against humanity. we are one race the human race and in the end those who have committed these atrocities will have to pay.

    maafa = genocide
    aids = genocide
    holocaust = genocide
    holy war = genocide


      Say it again!

      AIDS!! G-E-N-O-C-I-D-E! We *may* not know who waged this war, but my maker does. And what cannot be done here on earth, will be dealt with eternally.

  2. i think it’s amazing how there is the saying of “peace in the middle east” when that’s the opposite of what’s happening… i’m a firm believer in speaking things into existence so i think we may need to say it more…

    i think the genocide is horrible… it’s an atrocity. i wish u were here a couple of weekends ago when they were protesting in midtown. it was amazing and beautiful and sad all at one time.

    great post JG*… great post…

    also, lets see if we can build a website or get some paypal or something set up behind your cause…

    • @ladebelle.. Thanks! That may actually be a good idea. I’ll start working more on the event, and then we can look into the online part of it. But a paypall acct for those to donate into that aren’t in ATL to attend the event would be GREAT!

  3. Great Post JG! I applaud your efforts in getting educated on issues and encouraging discussion. You certainly have a fair and objective outlook on the situation and I personally appreciate that! 🙂
    By the way, the perfect website for your cause…….coming soon….!!!!!

  4. Ahmad, thank you very much! I really appreciate your support in trying to help me understand and learn more. You are a great activist and I feel like I you and others like you a disservice when I stay ignorant and fail to act. So thanks for inspiring me. Also, I look forward to getting up and running. Keep me in the loop, as I will do for you!

  5. This post was great.
    However I must say that at times i feel as though we as Americans need to get our priorities straight. For instance, I attend an Afrikan centered church and they are constantly talking about raising money to help those impoverished in Haiti, and I think to myself, “What about the impoverished down the street?!”. How can we as a people expect to really help others when we ourselves can’t get our shit together? The U.S. government’s involvement in matters of the middle east throughout the years has fueled these horrific wars. We provide the sides who we feel have more resources to offer us for our services, with high powered weapons and technology that they in turn use against each other. (ex. Saddam Hussein)
    So even though i am glad people’s eyes are open enough to recognize these foreign atrocities, I am a firm believer that we need to get our shit together before we can effectively help others.

  6. @Spiffdanger, I agree with you. That is why I am up-starting a non-profit org to help a situation I see here in the US. (Don’t want to give details at the moment). I am going to be getting my MBA in Social Enterprise and Non-Profit governance to work with orgs here in the US to help solve problems here in the US. I’ll do what I can.

    It’s all politics. Why aren’t we in The Congo? Because they don’t have anything we want, or that we can’t steal.

    In a global society you gotta think Global.

  7. @jg, i agree.. and good luck with that

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