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so i’m sitting here watching music videos and i was watching the S.E.X. video with lyfe and it inspired me to write this blog. before i continue with the blog, i HAVE to address one of these lines… ok, so how many women have heard the line, “if you really love me then you would give it up”? maybe it’s been so long since i’ve heard that shit that it seems ludacris to me! do people really say that shit? wait… something just registered to me.. lol… i’m an adult and we don’t say that shit…

ok, so now back to the regularly scheduled blogging…

i wish someone woulda saved me!

i wish someone woulda saved me!

so listening to this song inspired me to think back to when i lost my virginity… it was the summer before i started highschool. (yes,i was kinda young) i was working as a lifeguard and swim instructor at the center. everyone had started spreading rumors earlier that summer that i’d had sex with this person and that person but i was still a virgin. i didn’t understand why everyone was so infatuated with sex at this point in time cuz i’d yet to have it. i’d done the kissing and that same summer i’d gotten my first hicky. it was huge and blue and it was on my chest, literally. not my breasts, my chest… it was extremely hard to hide from anyone since i was always in a swimsuit. (this is when i found that footcream and toothpaste aid in the healing of hicky’s) this was the last summer that my family took a vacation together. we went to our normal vacation spot in jamaica.

as soon as we landed, the scent flooded my senses and i knew i was entering ectasy manifested. i had packed next to nothing. at this point, i was pretty damn small and wore the cute booty shorts, little shirts, and bikini’s. the first day we got there, we were out on the beach. it seemed like a daily thing for me to switch up who i was kissing. it never went any further then the kissing. that is until i met raymond young from florida. he was soooo cute! we kissed and then he invited me to his room. i went wearing these super short mini basketball shorts and a white t-shirt. he kicked his little brother out the room. we talked and watched some tv. then we started kissing. he started feeling me up and taking my clothes off. when we were both undressed, he went to his wallet and took out a condom and put it on. it was my first time seeing a dick and it looked funny to me… so he gets on top of me and asks me if i’d ever done this before and shook my head no… then he put it in. all i know is that i’m happy that he knew where it went cuz i didn’t! so it didn’t hurt and i knew that was a problem because i’d heard the stories. it was weird, didn’t feel good or bad, and was just so sloppy! he tried to make me ride him but naturally i had no idea what i was doing. so it somehow ended and i left.

that nite we went to club and i was drinking pretty heavily… he took me outside to the beach and we did some more kissing and he whispered in my ear, “you know, i still have 2 more condoms.” my initial response wanted to be, “fuck nah! that shit was wack the first time!” but my good sense kicked in and i said, “no, i’m still sore from earlier.” we parted ways that night and vowed to keep in touch. i threw his information away as soon as i got it from him and gave him fake info. needless to say, this first time scarred me and i didn’t have sex again for about a year…

so if u’s readers/commenters wanna reply with your first times, go ahead! have fun with it!




  1. LOL MESSY!! My 1st time was weird too! It was actually with my S.O now but this was abt 7 yrs ago i was 17. I had a huge crush on this guy since I was a freshman. I too had on super short shorts and went to my friends house who happened 2 live right next door to him, some how I either called him while over there or bumped into him. Either way we were sittin on his front porch and we wound up upstairs, we were kissin nxt thing i remember being naked and thinking to myself WTF are u doing??? Then he took the plunge and it hurt like HELLLL!! He then asked if i wanted him 2 stop and I said YES lol so that was that. I remeber walking home was painful as hell! Sitting down was even worse lol!

  2. Let’s see here. I was 18 July after my senior year. I had invited someone over to my house and well…he got there before I got out of the shower. I ran to the door in my towel he came in and pretty much started from there. Anyways long story short I read a magazine (Enquirer to be specific through foreplay and didn’t really feel the act. If I had to do it over again I’d’ve waited until April 25, 2008.

  3. It sucked, it was New Years (my mom said it had to be special), and he was white. He was my boyfriend of like… 6 months, I thought I was in love. It was doomed from the start. I only did it because I had just gotten on Birth Control for other reasons and it seemed like the logical next step. Scarred me from having sex for a while too.

  4. I did it with an older girl. I was 13, she was 16. My cuz hooked it up for me. Scarred me for a solid 2 years

    • @ Peyso…. curious… why were YOU scarred? I thought boys lived for that.

  5. Well actually my story is a little more funny to say the least. I actually got a late start for a guy. I was 20 and she was 17 and very much more experienced than me. We had “dated” long distance for almost a year and saw each other a few times. This particular time we were leaving a church function and she said she wanted to go for a ride so I said cool. I got the keys to my 1993 Black Mazda 626 and we went rollin’. We decided to eventually park in a vacant lot across the street from my parent’s apartment. The normal make out session kicked off complete with lots of kissing and T&A groping. Now all was going as usual. Then something different happened; she pulled a move on me. She went for my zipper and before I know it she was stroking my chubby. Long story short she jumped on my skin flute and rode me completely stupid in the back seat. The trip part was me faking like I knew what I was doing and didn’t have a freaking clue. Lucky for me the condom decreased sensitivity so I lasted a pretty decent time; well maybe that coupled with the alone practice time I had spent with my dad’s 70’s porn collection. I’m sorry excuse me I digressed. So my first time was cool but then again I’m a guy so any time is cool LOL!!!

    Hey females take virginitys too you know….

  6. hmmm… I was 17, senior year with my boyfriend I’d been with since freshman year (HS sweethearts literally all 4 years!!). It was the Thursday the week before Thanksgiving 2000 and we were released early from school because of a bomb threat. He drove me home and chilled like we always do afterschool at my spot. I guess we were doing our usual foreplay of the previous three years and we decided to do it. I had been talking to my mom and aunt (her twin) about wanting to have sex so I felt prepared. IT HURT!! And he hated that he was hurting me so we stopped. He wasn’t a virgin, just hadn’t had any in 4 years. So after that we didn’t do it for like 4 months because he got injured playing basketball and had kidney surgery and stuff. We tried but that bag of fluids just killed the mood. EWWW! We only had sex three times after that and broke up when we got to college. A year after that we hooked up on my Bday in his dorm bathroom at PV. And we dated for a year in 04, the sex was better. But he doesn’t even compare to what I’ve experienced since and my baby now. lol… oh the thoughts of last night 😉

  7. It took my ex husband (at 15) 3 months to finally get it up enough to have anything that resembled normal sex. Then I got pregnant. Bummer. I shoulda ran for the hills day 1, cuz it’s not like those “issues” ever stopped. WTF was I thinking…..?

  8. I was a good kid for a large part of my life (yeah … who knows what happened) and I had convinced myself to wait. But then … well … got a gf and got horny.

    I count my third as my first, cause the first two were deplorable. Luckily I knew what I was doing (thanks to porn) and she refused to believe I was a virgin for the next 3 months.

  9. She was my babysitter but she wasn’t babysitting when it happened. In fact she hadn’t babysat for a couple of years. She was 17 and I was 13. She was doing laundry at our apartment complex. I don’t know how I got to the point where we were on the laundry room floor and she was guiding me inside of her.


    It wasn’t spectacular. No fireworks. Just a lot of heavy breathing.

  10. Okay, my first time was when I was 20…I know, like almost 4 years ago. It was with my ex at his Mother’s house and it was sooo painful. And I was so depressed that I lost “it” and wasn’t a virgin anymore that I bathed myself and sunk in the shower crying like a kid. For the following year I still swore up and down I was a virgin. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve become okay with it.

    Sex is now…fucking amaaaazing!!

  11. @jen… dang… painful to sit down?!?! but that’s so cute u guys are still together!

    @jac… uhhh… u would’ve waited till last year? surely ur sex life up until last nite wasn’t totally lame! but ur first time sounds kinda steamy…

    @JG*… a white guy huh? that must’ve been, errr… interesting!

    @peyso… uhh… damn… what’s up with these older girls gettin with younger boys? that’s like, gross… no offense

    @joepistone… wow… and yeah, girls definitely do take virginities but my virgin taking experiences have never been like that!

    @aneisidora… it sounds like ur still bitter homie! woooooosaaaah

    @reign… girl, u r off the chain! i’m happy someone’s getting some good arse!

    @luvologist… the cement floor huh? i mean, you guys weren’t concerned that someone would walk in? and again, what’s with these older girls and these younger guys?!?!? freaky…

    @brittany… yes, sex is amazing… i didn’t have sex again for almost a year after my first lame ass time… ugh

    @all… thnx for walking down memory lane with us and sharing your stories!

  12. I was 15 and way for 2 weeks at a summer academic program at a university. For the two weeks I was there, I made fast friends with everyone in my group, but i had a particularly interest in one guy. He’s was tall and built with curly dark brown hair and mesmerizing blue eyes. Not to mention he had a sexy southern accent, was straight A student, and quarterback of his high school football team. For the two weeks time we spent together he bragged about how amazing he was and how he could make any girl come. He called himself ‘the king of multiple orgasms’. He sounded like a total pig but i’ll admit, i was intrigued. He flirted with me a lot and i flirted back because i’m not exactly the type of girl that gets football players. On the last night of the program all the girls left their doors cracked for the guys they hooked up with at the dance earlier that evening. My roommate left our door cracked so i just guessed she was expecting someone but no one came. At about 3 am when i was sleeping my gorgeous southern football player came in and we started making out, next thing you know , clothes were off. it didn’t really hurt so i wasn’t really sure it was in. it was an awful experience, the worst part was he kept saying “i’m gonna make you scream”. eager to please i had to fake an orgasm my first time.

    • dang… had to fake it on the first time?!?!?! that sux BIG time…

  13. ok so mine was also the summer before going to 9th grade (yea I was a hot I was 14 and he was 15. we had an on again off again relationship we kissed a lot but never did “IT”. so one day in the summer we were at his house and I made up my mind I was gonna be grown and do it. on top of a pool table while “sexual healing” was playing in the background. needless to say it was f’ing pointless garbage it didn’t hurt. I didn’t feel a thing it last all of 5 mins. I couldn’t understand what the big damn deal was…until a year and a half later when I met Nasir. He is to this day my kryptonite. the first time we did it I fainted passed all the way out. I thought my whole body was going to explode and give out on me all at the same time. after that I wanted it every day!!!. no one has lived up to those expectations in the 12 years I’ve been having sex(wow that long..)

  14. @ Akua, damn 12 years later and no one else has sexed you unconscious? Wow talk about a string of bad luck LOL! J/K everybody finds that one that just does “IT”

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