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I was here last night folks

I was here last night folks











Yup, I’m in beautiful New York City, and last night I was in FREEZING Times Square. Seriously, I don’t think Times Square on New Years Eve is for black people. It was -1 degrees out there. I took pictures but I don’t have my cord. I’ll upload them later.  



Seriously though, there were Becky’s out there in skirts, with and without tights. I had on jeans, boots, two pairs of socks, hand warmers, a sweater, scarf, and a jacket. Nothing would work. I wanted to die. 


I’m gonna make this brief because we’re about to make the sprint to the subway station to hit it to Manhattan. Those of you who follow me on twitter have been privy to the goin’s on of my travels up the eastern seaboard. Thanks for all of the support. 🙂 LOL Things are going well again. 

I just want to laugh at all the people on Facebook who thought it was a good idea to say “bye to all my HaTeRz!!!” and say things like “I’m done with all the fakers, It’s time for the move-makers!” and other corny type things. I get it. At the end of the year it’s a time to reflect and hope for the future, but to be honest, I think it’s a little lame to have to announce to your “HaTerZ” that you’re leaving them behind. Chances are, you have no haters, and no one will notice. 


I don’t even want to reflect on 2008. It was awesome, not the best, but what can ya do about it? I’m ready for 2009 and here are my resolutions:

1) Stay on my current health kick. Make it a lifetime choice. No beef, No Pork, and try to cut back on the dairy. 

2) Use my gym membership. Lose 10 lbs in fat, but gain it back in muscle. I’m a skinny girl with too much to hold around the middle if you know what I mean.

3) Get my tattoo. 

4) When I get into my B-School of choice, funk the hell out of it. 

5) Be happy… I’m single for a reason, I need to enjoy the fact that I have options, and I’m hot. 

6) Continue on my current devotion to Church. I may be a bad girl, but really, I’m a good girl and I love the Lord. And he loves me and my imperfections. 

7) Stop watching so much porn. God don’t like ugly. LOL 

And I have stories for days! How I feel in love with a young boy, when ex’s mix, JG* the co-pilot. Be ready for it. 

That’s it for now, see y’all back in ATL!!! What are you guy’s resolutions for the new year? 


J Brand New G*



  1. your in my city… isnt it wonderful… even though it was a brick house last night… the wind chill made me feel like my face was going to fall off…

    Anyway… Happy New Year!

  2. loved the post, especially the “hater” tidbit. lol
    good luck on everything in in the new year

  3. i was there too. it was ridiculously cold and standing for 7 1/2 hours wasn’t fun either.

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