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***here’s a piece of some fiction writing that i’ve done***

…my frontdoor…

i could tell she was coming home… i could hear her footsteps. she was laughing with a male who’s footsteps i couldn’t recognize… you can tell alot from the way a person walks…his footsteps were heavy, steady, and firm… confident, like he knew where he was walking… she stuck her key in me, but didn’t turn…

he pushed up behind her, sandwiching her between me and him… he began kissing on her neck, she exhaled heavily, moaning softly… she let go of the keys and put both palms on flat on me, letting her purse hit the ground… i could see his hands reach around and wrap around her breasts… he massaged her nipples and she threw her head back landing on his chest… she tried to turn around but he prevented her and pressed harder against her… they were both breathing heavy… she began to grind her hips and he moaned this time…

his hands moved under her shirt, lifting it above her head… he kisses and licks down her back as he unclasps her bra… he heads further and further south as he undoes her pants… he pulls them down, his mouth following her jeans over her ass… he stops there and nibbles and licks as he continues to take her jeans off… he turns her around now, her back and one of his hands is on me… he uses his other hand and tongue to part her lips that linger in front of him… she bumps her head on me in ecstasy…

i can’t see much but i hear her moans and feel her squirming against me… i see his chest heaving hard… he puts her legs over his shoulders and lifts her up… i can tell shes shocked by how she tries to grab me… he undoes his pants while continuing to feast on her buffet and his pants drop…

he brings her down and places her onto him… in and out and in and out and in and out… it seems to go on for awhile… i can here muffled moans and hear the sounds of kissing… she whispers that she’s about to cum. he pulls out and places her back on the ground… he turns her around, spreads her legs, and gives all of him to her… i can see her face now, filled with so much emotion… she looks like she’s about to burst and then there’s the look, u know, the look that you get when u release a lot of pressure… he had the same look…

he collapsed against her and she against me… i can feel the heat steaming from her pores, her heart is racing against me, her eyes closed, her palms open, with his hands over them… she pushes herself up, places her hand on the keys, turns the lock and opens the door. she then asks him, ‘would you like to come inside?’



  1. Forgive me baby jesus……….I have sinned on your birthday. This story gave me an unbelieveable chubby!

    HOOOOOOOOOOOOT ladebelle. Just wondering if it’s okay to be horny on the baby jesus’ birthday LOL

  2. i mean… today’s not His birthday anyway…lol

    btw, merry christmas!

  3. Honey…when I say u shut it down! I’m a be so pissed if u don’t publish your short stories..

    I’m writing an erotic fiction book..want to help me?

    u got serious talent

  4. thanks akua!!! and i’m always down to write some *fiction*

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