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I’ll start off and ladebelle can continue. This is like… the inbetween post of today. 

We were tagged by the Chic and Lovely Mix Maven of Pumps and Gloss

Tag! You're it!

Tag! You're it!


1. Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.

2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.

3. Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.

4. Let each person know that they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here are My Random Facts: JG*

  1. I’m absolutely extremely afraid of bugs. I will hop scream and jump.
  2. I’ve had 8 Piercings. 
  3. I am a complete Justin Timberlake Stan.
  4. I have full out conversations with people…by myself. LOL 
  5. I’m addicted to the internet and all it holds. 
  6. I don’t eat beef or pork, but I secretly pine for a fat juice medium rare steak occasionally.
  7. I haven’t had a pedicure in 3 weeks, and so I refuse to take off my socks. Except when in the shower of course. 


Here are My Random Facts: ladebelle

  1. i have worked out everyday this week.
  2. i just got my tongue re-pierced. 
  3. i love britney spears.
  4. i have 6 or 7 tattoos. 
  5. i love my twitter communitey. 
  6. i’m recently a vegetarian.
  7. i’m a sucker for animals. 

I’m tagging my lovely mr. smart guy, the skinny black girl, mr. pacmizzle, the broke socialite, madame luvvie, the wise anesidora, and the comeback girl


I’m tagging the crazy guys at Three Ways to Take It, BlogXilla, SheIsMV




  1. 7 random facts…

    1) I no likey chicken wings (or chicken w/ bones) however, I do enjoy chicken nuggets, strips and breasts…

    2) I like to make up random songs in my free time – usually about food…

    3) I can only snap with my left hand…

    4) I learned how to dance by watching music videos (which was pretty difficult cuz we didn’t have cable).

    5) I don’t like scary movies – I’d rather not see something horrific on my screen – that’s one reason why I don’t watch Chicago newscasts.

    6) I like the smell of gas and Black & Milds…

    7) I don’t think I have a seventh…

  2. Did you post this on YOUR blog and tag us back? And tag others? I’ll need to go check. 🙂

    I love Chicken wings, but the bones are so unnecessary. But I will put a Popeye’s Chicken Wing in my mouth and pull out a bone. LOL

    Are you left handed?

    Sounds about food? That’s awesome. We should form a band. I do a “happy dance” when my food is set in front of me. I almost do it subconciously. I don’t realize that I’m doing it. LOL

    I love Scary movies, yet it seems that all of the scary movies I watch, are actually… not scary. LOL

    Good list. Minus the not having a seventh. Suckery.

  3. 1. umm… ok weirdo…
    2. nice… can u spit us a rhyme about tofu now?
    3. aww… i can only snap with my right… together we’re complete! lol
    4. LMAO!!! so do u 2-step now or is it full out choreography?
    5. awww… my sensitive smart guy…lol… i LOVE scary movies!!! lol@chicago newscast
    6. black and milds do smell mad good… so do cloves…mmmm
    7. uhhh… get ur life together!

  4. *seeing that this would break my rule about posting only once a week, I decided to answer here*

    Normally, I don’t even respond to tag blogs because I hated tag as a chubby kid and I’d be too out of breath to tag others… but y’all my folks so I demurred.

    No bones for me, I don’t even like skeletons.

    I’m right handed which makes the phenomenon even weirder.

    I do the happy dance also known as the Fat Boy Dance as my hips began to move in unison because of the delight set in front of me.

    Again, I must hit the nay button on the scary flicks. Give me an action film anyday.

    Just for you, I’ll add a seventh now.
    I had a girlfriend in kindergarten. We were in lubb for real. I moved away and left her. Saddest day of my young life. Ten years later, I go to a homecoming dance, meet a girl… it’s my kindergarten girlfriend and we date again – and then I lose track of her. I found her two days ago – ten years after the date I left her. Spooky, ain’t it.

  5. “Normally, I don’t even respond to tag blogs because I hated tag as a chubby kid and I’d be too out of breath to tag others… but y’all my folks so I demurred.”

    lmao!!! u a fool!!! we love you too…

    @#7… dang yo… that’s freaky! you guys are getting married… and no, i’m not ok with it…lol

  6. Tofu ain’t real food – can’t spit about that…
    We’ll snap at the concert together
    Oh, it’s full out choreography
    You can keep them there scary movies – and I ain’t sensitive. I’m witty and whimsical.
    Mmm, Djarums – i smell but no smokey…
    I deed. I’m the bess, mayne.

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