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so if you are part of my twitter or facebook family, you’ve noticed that i’ve been hitting the gym more frequently. as i’m getting used to being awake before the sun is, my brain is starting to work more and i’m starting to see more going on in the gym.

so the other morning, as i was people watching on the treadmill, i decided that this would be a great blog topic for me. why? because these people that come to the gym are C-H-A-R-A-C-T-E-R-S. let me break down my wed. morning for you all…

wed. morning was a rough morning… i didn’t get to bed on time and didn’t think i was going to make it to the gym. but i’m competing with a certain someone for weight loss this month (who is going to lose by the way) so i got my unhappy and very groggy ass up (those who tweet saw i couldn’t find my socks… i HATE those damn things). so i get to the gym and i’m already not feeling it because it’s 20 degrees outside and i had to quick foot it from my car to the gym. i roll up to the stairmaster wiping the cold outta my eyes and hoping that noone can tell i didn’t brush my teeth yet (not looking to people obviously… just some weight loss). 

i want you guys to know that ladebelle is quite the low-maintenance gym gal. this should be read as my hair is a wild mess, my clothes are wrinkled (but clean) and i probably don’t match. however, as i was praying for God to just take my life as i was sweating away on the stairmaster, this guy walks by and i see his face light up (ladies, you know the way). i’m thinking, surely he’s not looking at me and as i turn around (and almost fall off) i notice i’m the only one in this row of machines. if i wasn’t wishing for the angel of death to save me from that damn stairmaster, i probably would have had time to think the thoughts then that i’m thinking now. 

at 6am, why in the hell are you checking me out?!?!??! i mean, i’m sweating like a whole herd of pigs and i look like i just rolled out of bed and into the gym!!! guys, i looked a hot ass mess… i digress…

so God saves me and my time is up on the stairmaster and i move to the treadmill. it’s on the treadmill that i did the most people watching… i needed something to distract me… so bright eyes is joined by a crew now… there’s like four of them. so we have bright eyes, muscle head, smedium, and wannabe (the only girl in the crew). muscle head is doing what muscle heads do best and throwing weights around and shit… so they move over to the chin-up area thing and i see this nastiness:


i mean really, why are you sweating this much?

i mean really, why are you sweating this much?



talk about gross… how is your ass that damn wet? more importantly, if you knew you sweat like that, y didn’t you wear something different? GROSS!!!

so i’m jamming to my music (courtesy of mr. smart guy) and i notice that bright eyes says something to muscle head and smedium so now they’re all staring and doing the sly guy smile… i mean really, guys, i’m sweaty and not in the oh-she-just-had-sex sweaty… i’m like gross sweaty. i don’t stink like the girl riding the bike in front of me (btw ladies, it’s ok to wear body spray to the gym and use some extra swipes of deodorant) thank God. 

as i’m avoiding looking at the crew looking at me, i notice a random lurch in the gym. he has on too tight khaki’s and some ugly shirt. SURELY he wasn’t working out… in fact, he was following this one lady (with a bangin body) around the gym as SHE worked out. 


i spy a lurch... do you?

i spy a lurch... do you?


by the time i snapped this picture, i was doing my cool down and chuckling to myself as i listened to “in the mood”… (sigh) boy does people watching make the time go by…

so my luvly readers, do you guys have any gym stories?






hope you guys enjoyed the video blog on Wed. i’m not sure if it’ll be a continued thing… what are your thoughts?



  1. Being that I do not go to the gym, I have no stories. But!!!! I’m about to start.

    But this was hilarious. Good stuff.

  2. Oh and this guys ass….. I almost threw up a little in my mouth. LOL

  3. 2 Things…You OD’ed by taking those pics of Additionally, that gym looks wayyyy better than mine.

    • hmm… guess u didn’t read my blog that said noone is off limits and that everyone is in danger now that i have my iphone…

  4. lol at the whole thing. the thing about gym lurches is so true! ever been to la fitness at atlantic station? its worse than the club! they might as well be serving drinks

  5. I need to get my azz back in the gym.
    Anyway, back in the day, when I was on a serious health kick, I frequented 24 HR Fitness, also known as Club 24…because folks act like it’s the club up in there. Ever see women on the treadmill with make up and earrings on? Well, you will in there. That place used to be highly ridiculous, but I had a lot of fun, met a few boo’s, and lost a lot of weight.

  6. lol… that’s waaay better then the pasty ass that i saw first thing this morning… makeup and earrings is something i’d rather see

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