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***sorry folks… ladebelle is feeling pensive, sleepy, and possibly delirious so this post is a little on the thought provoking side***


i think that this was one of the most influential books that i’ve ever read. mitch albom is a literary genius and if you ever get a chance to read any of his books, by all means do it!

to give a brief synopsis of this book, the main character passes away but on his way to his heaven, he meets up with 5 people that were a part of his life at some point in time and they share lessons with him. after meeting all the people, he then settles into his own version of heaven where he also meets others on their way to heaven.

naturally, this prompted me to wonder who it was that i would meet… i think that these are more the people that i would want to meet or just see again…

…grandma rose…

my grandmother passed away when i was 6 years old. during those 6 years, she had such an impact on me. my grandmother was far from the perfect woman but she was the best grandmother that i could ask for. after she past away, i really found it hard to find my place in the world. i always felt that my place was with her and she was gone. i never felt that anyone loved me the way that she did and i loved her through all of her flaws and beauty. she taught me about a nurturing that has stayed with me till now. i cook as a means of nurturing others and that’s how she did us. as hard as my grandmother was, she was equally as soft. for me, she represented balance… that’s something i sure could use now…


my grandfather passed away when i was 20. the lessons that he taught me in those 20 years are invaluable. i remember the one thing that he used to tell me was that first impressions are the most important thing. he used to say, “ron, you win them over as soon as you meet them. wow them!” and at 25 i’m still trying to. my grandfather had been diagnosed with different types of cancer and had been given 6 months to live multiple times. but he lived despite doctors’ diagnoses. he had such a passion for life. a zest to live to the fullest. sadly, i’ve forgotten this. right now i’m just doing things to keep my head above water, forget trying to enjoy it…

truth be told, i can’t think of 3 other people that i would meet in heaven right now. while i’m thinking on it, who do you think you’ll meet on the way/in your heaven?




  1. I heave heard about this book numerous times. I am going to have to stop slacking and pick it up.

    I’d say I’d like to see David again. Only because I think about him so often and I just have a few questions I’d like to ask him.

    My Papa… I’d like to apologize to him for praying for him to look over me, and then I do the scandalous things that I do. 🙂

    Great post ladebelle!

  2. i’m definitely not mad at that!!! gotta correct those things before he gets ya!

  3. Hey,

    This is really a honest post and i can respect that..Great post I’ll be reading more!

  4. Yeah, its like you never know what you got till its gone good post.

  5. This is my first visit, very touching post, my people would be my grandparents as well…

  6. @tony… thanks! i appreciate that!
    @terrence… yeah, if that isn’t the truth
    @alise… thanks for stopping by! i think grandparents have the ability to touch us in a special way that makes us never want to forget them and always want them around…

    • NiTRAM [Elijah Martin]
    • Posted November 22, 2008 at 6:23 pm
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    Well “Ms Bell Maiden” … I’ve never read the book before but didn’t Oprah do a tv movie on the book? I don’t know.

    Anyway, you already know how I feel about Heaven, or you have at least an inkling, so I will just get str8 to the question at hand of who would I meet: well, I honestly don’t know. Anyone who has been that influential in my life (that I have actually met) is still living. So, if these people were dead I would meet them:

    Gary Martin (my dad)
    Debra Martin (my mom)
    Stevie Martin (my wife)
    Santana Martin (my daughter)
    Mr Smith (10th grade English Teacher)

  7. I would definitely meet up with my grandmother and my cousin. I’d probably pop my cousin in the back of the head. I’d also like to see my great grandmother who passed when I was 15. I used to spend tons of time with her but never really talked to her about her life. I’d love to see her now and just talk.

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