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i’m a shop-a-holic and i know it and sadly i love it (btw, can’t wait for the movie to drop)… so one of the main places that i get my fix from is ebay… they rarely disappoint and i can always manage to find things that i don’t need for waaay cheaper then full price. 


so here are some of my most recent finds:


cole haans with nike technology for $12.50

cole haans with nike technology for $12.50


enzo angiolini for like $10

enzo angiolini for like $10














cute white jacket for $10.50

cute white jacket for $10.50













and these are just some of the most recent items that i’ve purchased within the past couple days… yes folks, ladebelle has a problem but it’s sooooo good!!!

btw, if you guys need me to search out anything for you, shoot an email to and i’ll see what me and my shopping glory can do for you!!!





  1. Geeeeez Roni! You’re just like me. I just bought some Alfred Sung Shi from ebay. But those are some great finds! Ahhhh you are going to reawaken the ebayer in me!

  2. You’re not worried about receiving defective stuff?

  3. @mr. smart guy… nah… i mean, i wouldn’t have ordered my iPhone off there but a jacket? sure… i only buy from sellers that accept returns or exchanges…

  4. I just did a post about bargain hunting. eBay is like the neighborhood hustleman who could find you a 55″ flat screen hdtv for $300. I trust it — but I never ask where it came from lol. Great post 🙂

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  5. I bought my Blackberry off ebay. You gotta just do your research. Look at the seller’s history. Interestingly enough, my phone ended up breaking like a month later (no fault of the sellers) and I took it to sprint and got a brand new one free. Good look.

  6. lol@great8… that is hysterical but it is just like having your own hustleman at the touch of your fingers!

  7. I’ve been on ebay since high school … but I never bought clothes after my brother got a fake Burberry shirt. I will admit that I got my motorcycle jacket off there … at a savings of about $200.

    Your gonna have to let me know where I can get some male Cole Haans on there though … $10 … you might make a believer out of me.

  8. @sbm… i mean, anything is possible!!! 😉

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