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so one thing that most people don’t know about me is that i sew… and i love it because there’s nothing that brings me greater joy then functional creativity. 

yesterday i put the finishing touches on a dress that i had begun to hate… the battle between myself and this dress so mirrors the way that i deal with most things that become a challenge to me… i put it down and walk away. but i told myself that i couldn’t sew anything else until i had finished this dress and wore it. 

so i finished it and am now wearing it… to my surprise, it actually looks damn good to me and others so now i’m sharing it with you all!

my dress














hope you guys enjoy!!!






  1. SUPER Cute! I love it… Can you make me one? As being your supporter i should be first in line lol

  2. the dress looks fabulous!

  3. thanks guys!!!

  4. i’m so impressed with your sewing skills!!! project runway in the newar future???

  5. awww… sav… definitely not… lol!

  6. don’t play…let God use you!!! lol.

  7. Watch out, Narciso Rodriguez. Mrs Obama might be ringing ladebelle soon!

  8. Too cute. I’ll take one in green please!

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