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so this morning i woke up bright and early to carry out my civil duty in voting. don’t judge me, but this is actually the first presidential election that i’ve a. been this active in, and b. voted in. 


my view as i walked to my car

my view as i walked to my car

i was really excited to go and vote today and be a part of history… 

so here are some of the experiences that i had as i waited in line for 3.5 hours to cast my vote in all of 75 seconds:


i stood in line with some pretty cool people… initially i didnt’ chat much (ladebelle is quite the shy girl) and i had my headphones in rocking to my iphone (i LOVE my iphone). 


here was my view... it got waaay worse

here was my view... it got waaay worse

a camera crew was out there and i’m praying that they didn’t capture me on film… ladebelle is not a believer in getting dressed at the ass crack of dawn hence my bed head attire. 


so i think we had been standing in line for about an hour when these 2 black girls waltz up and cut the line… now, if i had been the couple that they had cut, i would have said something UGLY to them… but i was really upset and disgusted by this… why? this is a historic election and they decided that it didn’t mean enough for them to stand in line… (now i’m about to start preaching a bit of black history) as a black woman i’m all the more upset because both black people AND women had to fight for their right to vote and they just feel as though they are too good to stand in line to vote? bullshit… 


so we get inside and this line is really ridiculous but i stand there and begin to chat with the others that i’m in line with. naturally we talk about politics and the candidates. it was good to let my guard down to chat with them. 


ok… so now we’re on our last leg of the line and this older, drunk man was in there being beligirent and yelling at people to move faster… i just prayed that he wouldn’t touch me so that i wouldn’t be forced to get loud on him… ugh…


anywho, after 3.5 hours, i’m proud to say that I’M A GEORGIA VOTER!!!


not only does this make me feel validated as a voter, but it will help me get into parties free!!!

not only does this make me feel validated as a voter, but it will help me get into parties free!!!

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  1. i too stood in line for a dauntingly long 4 hours. but, i had the comfort of my cell phone to keep me occupied, the luxury of the book i’m reading to quell any boredom, and the pleasure of chatting with fellow voters. many of my friends congratulated me on the wait, but it got me thinking…if others who came before me sacrificed everything (being beaten, jailed, killed), waiting comfortably in line for a few hours was the VERY LEAST that i could do.

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