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ok… so this morning i received a message in my honesty box on facebook asking my how it is that i stay so fly… booooy did that make my day!!!! let me clarify that i don’t think that i’m fly all the time however, i do have my days…

but today was definitely not this young lady’s day:

from afar this almost looks ok...

to my dismay... i see that these are actually HOUSE SHOES

to my dismay... i see that these are actually HOUSE SHOES

ok… sorry guys… had to do the close up on this…

so we get on the BUC together and the older lady sitting across from me is clearly as bothered by this situation as i am and she stares at her while she changes into these:

i'm all for fall fashion but it's cold!!! get some tights!!!

i'm all for fall fashion but it's cold!!! get some tights!

i mean from house shoes to peep toe pumps with no tights or nailpolish? there has got to be a limit…

now i’m all for wearing different shoes to travel in… today i had on my trusty lacoste athletic-inspired shoes but not house shoes!!!


people, take this as your warning… i’ve got my iphone and i know how to use it! if you are a walking fashion faux paus, i will catch you!!!

speaking of which, how do we feel about spandex at work? is it appropriate? not appropriate??? TALK TO ME!!!




  1. traveling in comfortable shoes makes perfect sense but slippers? really? it’s not that hard to throw on a pair of flats and carry your heels in your bag and slip them on later. it makes sense and its not tacky.
    in regards to the spandex at work, it can be appropriate if paired with an approriate skirt/dress and shoes. but you should not go to work in spandex, uggs, and a sweater, nor should you be putting on the dress you bought for the club with spandex and call it work appropriate.
    What some people try to pass of as business casual is a little ridiculous.

  2. lmao! yes… i soooo agree regarding the spandex at work…

  3. Oh Roni… you’re so wrong!!!! But so right…… LMAO

    Spandex is a complex subject.

  4. YES! I need to be more prepared and walk around with my phone in hand because I ALWAYS see stuff that I want to laugh at… er… blog about in passing, but I never have my phone locked and loaded. It’s always somewhere in the abyss that is my purse.

    But I’m glad you did this post. GET ‘EM GIRL!

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