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have you ever felt as though no one can see you or what you’re doing? but you feel as though you’re destined for greatness?

maybe it’s just been me… but i really feel as though i’m the invisible girl that works her ass off but is never seen… maybe it’s just how i’m feeling now… maybe it’s how i’ve been feeling for a while… maybe it’s actually reality… or maybe it’s all in my head… maybe the feeling of defeat that i have right now will one day fuel me to success… or maybe it’ll fuel my demise…

no one can see her... but she knows shes there

no one can see her... but she knows she's there

i think that what i’m most tired of is always giving my all to my work… maybe if i did a half ass job then i wouldn’t feel as shitty as i do now. but no, that’s not the work ethic i’ve been instilled with.

i’m really upset, angry, frustrated, tired, and just weary… i’m tired of always having to be the “bigger person” and suck my feelings up because some asshole supervisor has a title that they don’t deserve. i’m tired of always being talked down to as if i don’t have a brain or thoughts or ideas of my own. i’m tired of feeling unappreciated for doing 5 peoples job and barely able to do mine. i’m tired of being stressed out beyond belief for a job that i can’t stand and bosses that couldn’t stand without we little people. i’m tired of working my ass off and growth not be seen when i know it’s there…

but most of all, i’m tired because this seems to be how it’s always been and will always be…

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