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so my friend and i (shouts out to savannah) got together last night to watch ANTM (america’s next top model for the acronym-challenged). it was super good!

i’m definitely rooting for sheena (the hoochie) and isis (the transvestite). so to recap the episode, the challenge was for posing… i was blown away by how flexible my girl sheena was! and so was everyone else… in true hooch form, she managed to accidentally disrespect one of the products she was modelling… i thought her pose was creative, but maybe for a dildo commericial. isis was almost eliminated but she opened up to one of the girls when she gave herself her shot of horomones… but isis needs to step her game up majorly! btw, the anorexic black girl with great hair got sent home… oh well… and sheena has fake boobs…


my girl sheena!!!

my girl sheena!!!



so after watching antm, we decided to catch some of the new 90210… to sum it up, it was a waste of our time. i mean, watching them act really makes me think i missed my calling–as an assasin!!! they really are not good actors AT ALL!!! the mean girl on the show couldn’t even make the mean face!!! and the storyline is soooo predictable… this will not last… on top of the fact that what these kids wear to school(highschool people!) is not an accurate display of what highschool students wear nor should be wearing… ugh… what is the world of television coming to?!?!?


doesnt get any worse then this right here...

doesn't get any worse then this right here...

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  1. yeah, so the new 90210 is a little too ‘pg’ for me. i think gossip girl has spoiled me! i need scandal! not the corny lines and simple plot of this show. it is a terrible spinoff and all the brendas, the donnas, the kellys, the davids, the brandons, and the steves (original cast) in the world are probably hanging their heads in shame.

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