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ok folks… so i’ve had a glass (to be read as a couple glasses) of wine… btw, for non-red wine drinkers, mixing it with a little cranberry juice makes it wonderful!!! however, this is not the point of this specific blog…

so today i sat at my desk from 8:30 am till 5:30 pm without any breaks while doing 3-4 people’s jobs… that might be a slight exaggeration but nonetheless, i’m doing waaaay more then i signed on to do. so what do i do you ask? i work in the wonderful world of association management. what is that? hell, i don’t even know but i do know that i must be doing a damn good job because they keep giving me more shit to do… but with increasing responsibility and an additional degree, do you think i’m paid more? NOPE!!! i’m not… in fact, during my review, i might just be getting a cost of living increase…

during a conversation today and many conversations with my hot husband, i’ve determined that this is just normal for the average american… as the economy consistently decreases, the inverse relationship between the amount of work that an employee has to do and the amount in which they are paid continues to transpire (not sure if that really fits in here but it sounds good).

this would be how my desk once looked

this would be how my desk once looked except i'm black

so today’s rant is a rant that may not have a conclusive ending… but i can tell you this much… i’m tired of being a slave in this workforce and consistently being overworked and underpaid. i get pissed off every time i check my email and there’s a message from one of my 2 micromanaging bosses. i am complaining here and i invite you to do so as well… at least at my previous job i did something of importance, made valuable decisions, and had a pretty damn cool boss (shout out to Sarah!). here, my boss is a constant reminder of the cabbage patch kid that i never wanted… ugh

and here’s some more complaining… i don’t know what to do!!! i mean, do i continue bustin my ass and barely making enough to pay the damn student loans that i have for the degree that was supposed to make me money!!!! ugh… major ugh… so what do you do in this world where employees are consistently over worked and under paid and under appreciated? with the state of the economy, do you find a new job and hope you can keep it or do you put up with the bullshit they keep feeding you?

talk to me…


  1. what u do: step out on faith. pursue your dream. if you are discontent, make some moves. life is too short to be unhappy going to a job.

    the main thing is that; even if you got paid squat, if you were doing a job you loved, you’d be fulfilled. Even with 5 ppl’s responsibilities… you’d still be fulfilled.

    go for what’s gona make u happy, in the end. Aaronica.

  2. (sigh) thnx jenay… i think that means i need to quit my job and pursue my true love of drinking… lol…jk of course… but ur right, i do need to do something that makes me feel worthwhile…

  3. Girl, I definitely know how you feel. Last year, I was drowning under a horrendous work load with not enough pay. Then I got a higher paying job, with less work that left me unfulfilled and bored. I just felt like I was too great and talented for the job and I was clueless in trying to figure out in what direction I shoud turn. As soon as I voiced my opinion out loud, I lost my job. That happened to be a blessing in disguise because now I can go back to school and focus on what really makes me happy.

  4. I have been overworked & underpaid since I joined the workforce (except I was employed instead of unemployed….. both are a part of the workforce if they’re looking for work) at the age of 13. I took student loans out, and I NEVER finished college. It has been a struggle ever since, and although I’m making decent money now I’m still up a creek w/o a paddle with the student loan payments. I would rather teach at college level, but I do understand that I need degrees to do that. I feel worthwhile teaching math to my hardheaded 7th grade students. My true passion is to create & write a mathematics textbook that I could sell to the Board of Education of select cities & in particular to Islamic schools. I plan to explain certain mathematical concepts in a simpler light so that there could be concrete use to some of the concepts. I hope that I can accomplish this years down the line.

  5. Nice post, this is exactly why I would like to start freelancing. But that in itself is a battle. There might be a better gig out there for you.

  6. @suga… yeah that “open door policy” is open door shit! sorry about u losin ur job tho…

    @muhammad… 13?!?!? damn yo… but i think i agree… that’s really good that you’ve at least found your passion… i think that will be awesome for you to do… but what are you doing to do differently so that these concepts are explained in a “simpler light”?

  7. WOW—-AaRONICA! This is almost scary—-I was JUST talkin to a friend last night about this SAME THING. I am in the Administrative field, also known as “B.S. that other people don’t want to do, so they pass it on to you” field and it is TRYING everyday. I started this position over a year ago and it was GOD SENT because I had been unemployed for the last 8 months prior, but I looked at it as temp. fix. Just to boost back my morale and then I would continue on into something related to my degree; journalism—well, it isn’t happening that way for me either. I find myself getting way too comfortable yet iritated by the monotany of a boring, routine understimulating job I go to everyday. I just want to QUIT so bad sometimes, but the reality is—BILLS are real. And I have quit a job before and as liberating as it was that first month or two–reality caught up quick…lol. But I do think there must be some balance or some refuge to it all. Because surely THIS couldn’t be it. Just punching in the clock–investing 40 HOURS a week, every week, every month—every year of your life—and for what? Just to say—you are responisble for having a job? I don’t think so. I am so ready to take a leap of faith and go for my passions and beleive that GOD will supply the rest, but it is a very daunting decision—-THANKS for writing this. I needed to vent this as well!!

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