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ahhh… MARTA has yet to fail in being an inspiration to my blogs…

so i think it’s official and i’ve really decided that public transportation is not for the mean person. this is a rather bold statement, i know, but i have some logic behind it…

as i was sitting on the BUC this morning on the last leg of my commute to work, across from me was a rather pretty, but disheveled, lady who was sitting close to another lady. lets call the pretty lady jessica and the other lady callie. so callie is an older lady who was engaged in conversation about how a train broke down making us all late (MARTA is not always SMARTA!!!) and jessica keeps giving her dirty looks. callie is being bumped around because as we all know, there are no seatbelts on public buses and this coupled with the conversation seems to be working jessica’s nerves. so it’s callie’s stop and she’s struggling a little to get up which only furthers jessica’s agitation with her… now normally at this point, the nice person would say something like, “oh, let me help you up” or even move over a little to give the poor HANDICAPPED callie some more space. but not the mean jessica… i thought she was going to push her down and she probably thought about it too…

so to further justify my point about how public transportation is not for mean people, i will elaborate a little further.

when taking public transportation, there are a couple things that are a given… for instance, there are normally going to be an absurd amount of people riding the train/bus with you allowing you little to no personal space. or because it’s public transportation, you will be surrounded by the public (public=all walks of life). and finally, because public transportation is normally funded by some lame ass government entity, they are almost always guaranteed to be late…

with these being some of the basic premises of riding public transportation, if you don’t like people in your personal space, don’t like being in the presence of the normal and not so normal public people, and you want a guarantee to being on tame, GET YOUR MEAN ASS OFF MARTA AND DRIVE IN THE 6 LANES OF TRAFFIC BUT LEAVE THE REST OF US ALONE!!!

btw, it took me a good 2 weeks to write this blog… needless to say, life has been hectic so this may not be one of the better blogs… more to come tomorrow!

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  1. Public transportation here in New York City is run by the MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority), and it is crazy come Monday morning. I recently started taking it everyday after I started teaching. My school is too far away to skate so I take the subway. My train is always packed to the maximum & my saving grace is that I have an mp3 player on my phone that I jam to. It usually tunes out all the craziness happening on the train. However, I prefer skateboarding b/c I’d rather deal with traffic on the streets than the crowded subway. Plus I always feel awakened after I reach my destination on the skateboard. I’m not one of the mean passengers on the bus or train, but it’s rather easy to get upset riding either b/c it sucks major ape nuts at times. lmao

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