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so in 2001 i went natural before going to college. my shit was just buzzed off and i had the fresh fade! when most black women go natural, there’s a rough transitional period for us. it totally affects our self-esteem… i thought that i looked like a pre-pubescent boy (i didn’t but you get my point) and definitely didn’t view myself to be pretty, let alone beautiful. but there’s definitely beauty in being able to embrace yourself for the natural beauty that you are… now that we’ve gotten passed the cuumbia singing and shit, on to the real reason for this blog…

i was riding the train this morning and out of the corner of my eye there was what looked to be a mop sitting in the corner… i thought, “self, surely there is not a mop on MARTA this morning” and in fact, i was sadly correct. there was no mop sitting there but instead, a beautiful young lady who apparently was struggling with the natural hair dilemma that most of us do. i’m all for learning new things as it pertains to hair, just not when i’m going to be at work that day.

unacceptable for work... even for her.

unacceptable for work... even for her.

and of course everyone has the occasional bad hair (even ladebelle does), occasional should not be everyday… i mean, they make hair ties, wigs, and weaves (which will need to be an entry of it’s own) for that! i too have struggled with what is appropriate for work with my naturally curly hair…

so for all those who are in/have been in this boat, i’ve created a list of telltale signs that your hair is not appropriate for work:

  1. your hair resembles a mop (the obvious)
definite no no

definite no no

  1.  it looks like your hair had a fight with a comb and the winner is still undetermined
  2. the average onlooker can’t tell if your hair is trying to lock itself or not
  3. it looks like there are cornflakes or other “accessories” in there
  4. people walking past stare in awe of your hair

now i’m not saying that you have to tame in such a way that’s unnatural or is just not you… but definitely make sure it’s appropriate for your work and your lifestyle…

great website for natural hair?

get that shit together though!!!



  1. Yes!! I agree!! LOL Didn’t I meet you when I was going through my Natural phase? I thought I looked like Ceily. But it’s a tough road!

  2. What if things get caught in your hair…. like, for example, pieces of candy?

  3. Girl, we’re almost thinking with the same mind. I just posted a blog about natural hair, but less about hair care and more about how people percieve those who stay away from the relaxers and weaves.

    I must admit, when I transitioned to natural hair, I didnt know what the hell I was doing, so I just kept it braided and would cut it whenever i took the braids out. I was blessed with coarseness (yes, blessed lol), so I wasn’t able to rock anything that resembled a curly do. I remember once, rockin’ the afro to school and by the time I’d arrived on campus, it had shrunk to a style similar to the popular picture of Frederick Douglass. Very embarrassing…thank God I learned how to rock it the right way with the right products lol

  4. Luckily I didn’t really have that transitional phase since I rocked the nappy hair since birth. Three years ago I made a blunder by relaxing it. Once I learned how idiotic an idea that was I cut my hair & keep it neatly short these days. When I do decide to let it grow to a full afro I will get it braided since I love my hair in braids. Locks are out of the question for me.

  5. Hey girlie! Yes there is a right and a wrong way to rock it. Sometimes you just find it through trial and error, lol. Even better sites to visit are and (although this one is geared towards growing hair long, there is still some good info about general hair care, for natural and relaxed hair).

  6. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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